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  • Combining your home/condo/tenants insurance with your auto insurance could save you hundreds of dollars. Speak to a Haldimand Insurance broker today to learn more.
  • Motorcycles

    The Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) defines a motorcycle as a self-propelled vehicle with a seat or saddle for the driver, designed to travel with not more than three wheels in contact with the ground.

    In Ontario, you are legally required to have insurance for any motorcycle you ride on roadways.  

    Mandatory Coverages in Ontario include Third Party Liability Coverage, Accident Benefits, Direct Compensation Property Damage, and Uninsured Automobile coverage.

    There are optional coverages you may want to add to your motorcycle policy.  Among the most common are Collision, Comprehensive and Optional Accident Benefits.

    Whether you own a cruiser, touring, grand touring or trail bike, there are many things to consider when choosing the right motorcycle insurance.  Contact Haldimand Insurance Brokers and let an experienced professional help