Insurance for Airbnb owners typically involves a specialized form of property and liability insurance designed to protect hosts and their properties from certain risks that may arise during short-term rentals.

Airbnb or Short-term rental insurance is generally a property or parts of a property that are rented out for less than 28 consecutive days. This does not include hotels or motels.
There must be an exchange of payment. These are commonly known as a vacation rental.
Building coverage and liability is a common coverage that is included in your short-term rental policy. Often sewer back up or contents insurance can be added.
Airbnb rates will be based on the cost to insure the building and may reflect any exposures to the home.
Broad for coverage maybe available for those buildings updated in the past 20-30 years, for others actual cash value is an option.
This is a specialized area with a few markets competing for client business.
An experienced professional at Haldimand Insurance Brokers work with Airbnb owners to carefully review insurance needs and consider specific risks and exposures when selecting the right insurance policy.