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  • Combining your home/condo/tenants insurance with your auto insurance could save you hundreds of dollars. Speak to a Haldimand Insurance broker today to learn more.
  • Motorhome

    Looking to travel this summer and want to protect your investment?
Haldimand Insurance has multiple options to insure your Motorhome.

    Motorhomes require their own auto insurance policy since they can be driven independently.  The rate you pay will depend on the class, how much you use the motorhome and the value.  Let one of our motorhome experts here at Haldimand Insurance help you find the proper motorhome insurance to protect you, your vehicle, and the contents within.
Motorhomes are split into 3 typical categories:
Class A Motorhomes – Can be typically the largest of the RV’s and the most expensive.
Class B Motorhomes – Often called Camper Vans, they are smaller than Class A and can be driven around like a vehicle.
Class C Motorhomes – Are moderate size in nature and have many of the amenities of the Class A.

    Premiums in this category can vary greatly as often the purchase price of Trailers and Motorhomes can vary from $1,000 to over $200,000.
    When it comes to insuring your motorhome, why not have a broker on your side so you can enjoy all the benefits of travelling.