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Did You Know?

  • Combining your home/condo/tenants insurance with your auto insurance could save you hundreds of dollars. Speak to a Haldimand Insurance broker today to learn more.
  • Trailer Insurance

    Looking to travel this summer and want to protect your investment?
Haldimand Insurance has multiple options to insure your Trailer.

    A trailer is not a motor vehicle and does not require its own auto insurance policy. The liability insurance coverage from the towing vehicle is extended to the trailer while it is being towed.  Collision and comprehensive coverage that you would typically see on an auto policy are not extended to the trailer.  This is why we recommend a specialized travel trailer package that serves as it’s own policy.  Coverages often included in a trailer package are damages to the trailer itself, contents of your travel trailer, liability coverage and emergency vacation expenses.
The most common types of trailers that would fall into this category could be Travel Trailers, Tent Trailers, Truck Campers, toy hauler of fifth wheel.
Premiums in this category can vary greatly as often the purchase price of Trailers can vary from $1,000 to over $200,000.
    Recreational vehicles are all unique.  When it comes to insuring your travel trailer, why not have a broker on your side so you can enjoy all the benefits of travelling.