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Did You Know?

  • Combining your home/condo/tenants insurance with your auto insurance could save you hundreds of dollars. Speak to a Haldimand Insurance broker today to learn more.
  • Tenant (contents) Insurance

    Tenant insurance can also be referred to as contents insurance or renter’s insurance.  Tenant insurance covers your personal belongings in the building, additional living expenses in the case your home is uninhabitable and liability lawsuits.
    While landlords have relatively few legal obligations to compensate tenants for any damage to or loss of their tenants’ personal possessions, tenants are responsible for damage they may cause to any part of the building in which they live or to others who live or visit there.

    Basic liability and coverage for your belongings are essential. A fire caused by a defective toaster could cause a great deal of damage not only to your unit and personal property, but to the entire apartment complex, potentially leaving you liable for the full amount of damages.
    Whether you are renting a home or an apartment, Haldimand Insurance Brokers has the experience and knowledge to provide you with a personalized and competitively prices tenant insurance policy.