Realty insurance, also known as real estate insurance or property insurance, is a type of insurance coverage that protects real estate properties against potential risks and losses.
We provide Real estate business protection. Realty is often split between Residential Realty and Commercial Realty. Residential Realty is often a single structure that is used to house 1-6 living Units in one building. Coverage for Residential Realty could include Broad Form or ACV on the building with coverage for the insureds contents as well as rental income protection in the event of a loss.

Commercial Realty is often a building that houses a commercial business as a tenant rather that an individual person.
A realty policy will protect your Building, contents, and rental income along with optional endorsements such as sewer back up, floods, cyber, boiler and machinery.
Realty rates are based on the construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure of the building. Rates will vary depending on the size of the building.
General conditions of insuring their properties may revolve around occupancy level, type of other businesses in the building, history of claims and construction materials.

Contact Haldimand Insurance Brokers and let an experienced professional work with you to assess your specific real estate property and business needs and find the right realty insurance policy that provides adequate coverage.