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Did You Know?

  • Combining your home/condo/tenants insurance with your auto insurance could save you hundreds of dollars. Speak to a Haldimand Insurance broker today to learn more.
  • Personal Umbrella

    An umbrella insurance policy allows you to extend your third-party liability coverage beyond the limits in your existing property, auto, boat and rental property insurance policies.  It pays out if you’re at fault for injuries or damage and your other policies are not enough to cover the costs.  In addition to providing excess third-party liability coverage, an umbrella policy may also provide additional coverages that aren’t already included in your home or car insurance policy (e.g., protection in the event of false arrest, slander, or an invasion of your right to privacy).

    An umbrella policy is an affordable way to make sure you have enough liability coverage to protect your financial security.  If you have expensive assets or investments you want to protect, an umbrella policy should be considered.  An umbrella policy is also worth considering if you participate in any activities that could increase your chances of being sued.  Some examples could be volunteering for school trips, frequent traveler, coaching kid’s sports teams, participating in sports where you could injure others, renting out property or you own pets.  Anyone can benefit from an umbrella policy – it’s impossible to predict an accident that might result in a lawsuit, and lawsuits are becoming more and more expensive. 
    If you are interested in learning more about umbrella insurance or wish to add umbrella coverage to your existing home or tenant policy, contact Haldimand Insurance and one of our experience and knowledgeable brokers will help to provide you with a personalized and competitively priced umbrella policy.