Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
Covid-19 is impacted our lives in ways we never thought possible, including financial challenges.  Many insurance companies are offering flexible solutions to help customers who are struggling to pay their insurance premiums.  Generally, these are being reviewed on a case-by case basis:

* flexible payment options
* defer upcoming payments 
* waiving NSF fees for the duration of the crisis
* providing a one-time rebate

Situations that could lead to additional savings are:
* Perhaps you are working from home and no longer commuting to work but still need to drive.
* Maybe you are not driving at all. 
* Families with two or more vehicles may have decided to permanently park one of them

Just like your insurance policy is unique to you, your potential for savings are unique.  Each  insurance company is providing relief to their customers in different ways.
We are committed to helping our clients during this difficult time.
Please contact us via phone or email if you need to make a change or have questions. 
We are here to help  you.

Caledonia 905-765-2661
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Posted: 2020-04-26 3:52:29 PM

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