Becoming a safe and effective driver does not happen overnight. Learning how to properly operate a vehicle and drive according to the rules of the road takes time. Graduated licensing was designed to help new drivers gradually develop their skills and driving knowledge over time.

While some people look at the graduated licensing system in Ontario and think that it takes too long to complete, the reality is that young and inexperienced drivers need this time to become responsible and educated drivers.

From the time you write your G1 test, you have five years to complete the graduated licensing process. This does not mean that you will have to wait five years to get your full G license. There is one way that you can speed up the process; take a driver’s education course.

Driver training allows you to take your G2 test after eight months as opposed to waiting a full year if you do not take driver training. From that point on, once you have your G2 for one year, you are free to take your G exit test to get your full driver’s license.

“Going to driving school will not only help you become a better driver, it will also help save you money on auto insurance,” says Glenn Cooper from Aviva Canada. “While many teens focus on the fact that they can shave some time off the graduated licensing process, getting a discount on insurance rates is not a benefit that should be overlooked.”

Young drivers need to focus on understanding driving restrictions. A violation of these restrictions will impact both your ability to get your full license, and ability to get a good rate for auto insurance going forward.

Here is a refresher about some of the driving restrictions for the G1 and G2 license

  • G1
    • Zero blood alcohol level
    • Must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver with minimum 4 years driving experience
    • Not drive between midnight and 5:00am
    • No driving on 400 series highways
  • G2
    • Zero blood alcohol level
    • Number of passengers is limited to number of seat belts
    • Restrictions on carrying passengers between midnight and 5am


Learning to drive is a process and the graduated licensing system helps drivers learn the rules of the road in a safe and effective way. This article is for general informational purposes only. More detailed information is available from your insurance broker.
*This article was first published by Aviva

Posted: 2017-06-23 10:04:18 AM

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